A business valuation is not just a consideration when you are looking to sell or retire. It can be an excellent tool to identify ways to improve business value.

Do you know your business’s true market value and what factors contribute to its value? Many business owners don’t.
A business valuation can help you make strategic decisions to improve business performance by pinpointing areas that require improvement.
When it comes to a partner who wants to exit the business or there’s a relationship breakdown, a valuation can also help you avoid disputes and potentially save you thousands of dollars in unexpected pay outs.

Scenarios where business valuations are required

  • Transfer of shares and ownership changes
  • Buying a business – ensuring you don’t pay too much
  • Selling a business – ensuring you receive market value
  • Insurance requirements – ensuring your coverage is adequate
  • Relationship breakdowns – determining an equitable distribution of marital assets

Our expertise

Accru has been performing valuations for clients across a range of industries for decades. Our valuations are underpinned by:

  • Experience and use of the most appropriate methodologies for different types of business
  • An assessment all aspects of the business such as financial performance, risk and value drivers, and assets used to run the business
  • Familiarity with business values in many industries.
  • The latest valuation software

This ensures your valuation is timely, on target and presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Improving business performance

Our valuations team can also advise on ways to increase the value of your business and benchmark specific ratios against other businesses of a similar size and nature. For example, we can demonstrate to an owner how a small increase in profits can lead to a much larger increase in business value.

For an accurate picture of your business’s value, please contact us.

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