How Joanna helped a client establish good financial foundations

Joanna has been working in the Business Service Team at Accru Harris Orchard for two years. Her role involves helping business clients with their day-to-day operations, GST and tax compliance, management accounting, and more. Joanna says “Varied work and diverse clients mean I look forward to coming into work every day – there are always challenging tasks and new ways to help clients.”

Joanna shares an example of how she helped a client get good financial foundations in place and why she finds her job so rewarding. 

One business owner I helped recently was really busy with routine business operations, and did not have time to deal with bookkeeping. The lack of a bookkeeper resulted in considerable penalties, and the owner fell behind on lodging, causing even more stress. The business was not running smoothly, as nobody was paying the bills, paying staff, or keeping on top of business finances.

I offered help with bookkeeping until the business was able to appoint a new internal assistant accountant. I had to hit the ground running! I made sure staff were paid and data was entered promptly into the accounting system. My key focus was to ensure that the transition after appointing someone would be smooth and efficient, with minimal or no carry-over of outstanding tasks.

The outcome was very positive. The business owner was relieved of unnecessary stress and able to focus on the running their business. I was also able to resolve penalties and help out with the new employee’s induction – including remaining available to answer questions. Our relationship with the client has grown stronger as a result, and proper bookkeeping arrangements are now in place, so the client can focus on growing the business and making it as good as it can be.

Above all, building a great business depends on putting the proper financial foundations in place. I know bookkeeping isn’t the most exciting area of business, but it’s vital to get this right so the business can scale. This was a particularly rewarding project because the client saw rapid and substantial benefits – with a fast response to a tricky situation and minimum disruption. They’re in great shape for the future and were delighted with the outcomes.

Stepping up to this challenge, and doing it so quickly, really developed my ability to learn and recognise what clients need and putting effective solutions in place. At Accru Harris Orchard we’re all about helping our clients to build great businesses, and it’s great to know I have such an important role to play in this.