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Entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of the digital economy are often the first to understand that good financial management can help propel their business forward, manage costs and make their life easier.

Yet we know that many of you experience challenges with making financial success happen – challenges like cash flow, FBT, finding good bookkeeping staff, getting finance to grow, and maximising your business’s value for sale. We also know you don’t get too excited about tax and accounting.

Think of us as your finance team

If you’re small or fast growing in the rapidly evolving digital space, it makes sense to focus on what you do best and pay someone else to work on the numbers.

With the support of our experienced chartered accountants and business advisors, you’ll have one less internal function taking up your time and resources. We can:

  • Do your reports and accounting in accordance with the latest regulations and best practices, in the most efficient turnaround times
  • Give you extra insights into your business using the latest software and ‘business intelligence’ applications to analyse your financials
  • Give you strategic advice to help reduce your tax, improve your business performance and answer your queries, whenever you need us to
  • Customise our service to your company’s needs and budget, whether you need a CFO, a tax advisor or a bookkeeper.

Experience and enthusiasm

Our team has been working with an impressive mix of digital clients for almost twenty years. Starting with digital communications agencies and multi-media entrepreneurs, we soon acquired fast-growing internet, telco and interactive TV businesses. Now we’re increasingly looking after businesses at the cutting edge of fintech, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies and big data – and we truly appreciate their amazing talents!

Our enthusiasm for everything innovative, emerging and online means we get to know our clients’ businesses well and go the extra mile to help them achieve their goals.

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